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Cyberworks is a leading developer of high-reliability “Level 5” autonomous navigation technology for third-party mobile machines and vehicles operating in mission-critical production environments. Level 5 is hard - unlike “autonomous mode” in a Tesla, there is no steering wheel or brake pedal for a human intervention when the vehicle encounters an unfamiliar situation. Prior entrants into the Level 5 market have found that their products often become “stuck” requiring human intervention and maintenance on a frequent basis, thereby negating the benefits of automation. Cyberworks' technology has resolved these early-stage technology problems.


Cyberworks develops the reliable, mature and robust navigation software, safety failsafe systems, cloud-based fleet management and hardware architectures to make Level 5 autonomy a reliable reality for everything from agricultural vehicles, to UV disinfection to hospital wheelchairs. We achieve this through our staff’s depth of experience that extends back to the early 1980’s in autonomous vehicles, a grueling stealth field-testing program that has extended over half a decade, a proprietary simulator that generates millions of real-world scenarios and runs 24/7 in the cloud logging tens of thousands of hours to ensure reliability, and our research collaborations with the leading universities and tech institutions like Intel and AWS.


Our work is helping to increase workplace safety, satisfaction, and efficiency, while also decreasing workplace attrition, and facilitating 24/7 workforce persistence at no additional cost to society. We believe in the ability of autonomous systems to liberate humans from menial labor and long hours and facilitate fairer distributions of wealth and greater social justice.

Vivek Burhanpurkar | CEO, Cyberworks Robotics
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