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Mobility Meets Versatility.

Transport in-patients, connecting passengers and those in need of mobility-assistance in a safe and efficient manner. Reduce operational costs and delays, while ensuring clients are satisfied.

Autonomous and Self-Driving Wheelchair

Full Autonomy

Our navigation solution is fully autonomous. No operator is required in any capacity. 

Full self-driving autonomy

Teachable Routes

Personal mobility vehicles can follow pre-taught routes to ensure consistent & efficient navigation. These routes can be taught by non-technical staff and modified as required.

Teach and repeat routes and paths

Realtime Fleet Management

Manage fleets of PMVs in realtime. Benefit from in-depth analytics, geo-location and realtime system diagnostics.

Real-time fleet management

Obstacle Avoidance

Using artificial intelligence and a combination of sensors, machinery is able to avoid all obstacles in any environment. 

Obstacle Avoidance

Manual Override Available

If needed, PMV users can override the autonomous navigation at any time. With the press of a button users can use the on-board joystick to take charge of the PMV.

Manual Control Capability

Define Off-Limit Areas

Define critical areas that should be avoided at all costs. Ensure that PMVs never enter these areas, while giving them the flexibility to navigate freely in the rest of the environment.

Customizable off-limit areas

Intelligent Autonomy

See it in action.

  • Pilot at University Health Network (UHN) in Toronto, Canada for in-patient transport

  • Passenger Mobility Vehicle (RAVS-W100) operating at Toronto General Hospital 

  • Demonstrating autonomous navigation & obstacle avoidance in a crowded environment 

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